# On Behalf Tokens

Javascript / Webpack

Redirect Flow SPA

This demo SPA makes use of the on-behalf token mechanism through the redirect flow.

crispymtn/zai-demo-app-javascript redirect-flow-demonstrator.zaikio.com

You may have use cases where you want to perform actions within the realm of an organization but still keep the possibility to identify the person who initiated these actions, and this can be done through on-behalf tokens.

It is important that both the person and the organization have already been connected to the app and that the organization has already requested the required permissions in the form of scopes.:

These tokens can be acquired by using the redirect flow or device flow and identifying the scope a user needs in a specific format.

# Unrequested Scopes

It may be the case that an on-behalf token is requested for a scope that was never granted before within the organization. Two scenarios are to be considered in that case:

  • The user is a member: the scope won't be granted at all, the token you will receive won't possess the requested scope.
  • The user is an admin or owner: upon organization selection, the user will be prompted to agree to give the permissions to the app.


As mentioned above, if the requesting user can't be granted the requested scope this will not trigger any error and any subsequent request with the issued token will therefore result in a permission error. Make sure to handle this scenario and to inform your user to ask the administrator to grant it in case the requested scope is not available.

# Requesting the authorisation grant

In both cases you may add an on-behalf formatted scope to the scope field, which takes the following form :


You may also directly specify for which organization to act on behalf of by adding the organization's id to the scope such as:


See the scope guides for more information and refer to the redirect flow and device flow for specific flow documentation on this step.

# Exchange the grant code for an access token

Now you have received the authorization grant, you can exchange it for an access token as described in the redirect flow and device flow.

If such a token was successfully requested, the following JWT payload and response is returned:


    Remember that tokens issued as on_behalf have a bearer type of Organization, this means you should only request scopes that are usable by organizations, scopes that are dedicated to people will be dismissed.

    The role attribute is represented as integer to save space, as many servers limit the header size. Since we offer a very granular role model, this is very helpful.

    This is a so-called bitfield (Wikipedia: Bitfield (opens new window)).

    For this you need the list of all existing roles with the same sorting (this is provided by us via the endpoint GET /api/v1/roles), e.g.:


    The bitfield can be read with following implementation: