# Getting Started

With Zaikio you can create great solutions for all participants in the printing industry: printers, press manufacturers and suppliers. We offer you a large ecosystem where you can focus on making your solution perfect.

# Building an app

The integration with the Zaikio platform can be done in different ways. Depending on the requirements of your app, different approaches are possible. First of all you have to decide which type of app is right for you. We distinguish between public and private apps.

# Types of Zaikio Apps

  • Different organisations and people can connect
  • Must go through Zaikio's app approval process
  • Can be listed in Zaikio's connectivity hub and can receive payments/subscriptions

# Private apps

  • Only invited organisations and its members can connect
  • Don't go through Zaikio's app approval process
  • Can't be listed in Zaikio's connectivity hub

# Both types

✔ Can be accessed through the Zaikio launchpad

✔ Can consume APIs and events of other published apps

✔ Manage authentication with OAuth 2.0

✔ Can offer APIs and events to other Zaikio apps

The following guides can be used by both app types.

# Create app in the Zaikio platform

To be able to manage apps you must first create an organisation in Zaikio sandbox (opens new window) and be an admin in that organisation.

Go then in the context of your organisation to Dashboard > App Developer Programme and accept our terms and conditions.

Afterwards you can access My Apps in the sidebar and click on Create new app. You can leave the Entry point url and Webhook url empty for the beginning. You can change them later.

Your app is created as a draft and is not visible to others. We recommend that you create important meta data such as logo, screenshots and texts for your app before publishing it.

# Single Sign On with OAuth

# Consuming Zaikio-APIs

# Offering APIs and events to other Apps

If you have already successfully connected to Zaikio and would like to give other apps access to your API and events, please read our guides.