# 3. Fetch data about person with the Zaikio Hub API


Ruby API Client for Zaikio Hub


With the Zaikio access token you obtained in the previous step, we can now get more information about the users, as we have passed the scope zaikio.person.r and the permission was granted.


See details in API specification: GET https://hub.sandbox.zaikio.com/api/v1/person.json

To authenticate against the Zaikio Hub API the Authorization header must be set.

An example call to this endpoint might look like this (where 749ceefd1f7909a1773501e0bc57d5b2 is the access token from the previous step):

curl --request GET \
     --url https://hub.sandbox.zaikio.com/api/v1/person \
     --header 'Authorization: Bearer 749ceefd1f7909a1773501e0bc57d5b2'