# Placing Orders

Once your order is ready to be submitted to the supplier, you can place the order, effectively transmitting it to the Supplier. You have to use the following endpoint for that:

Endpoint Description
PATCH /orders/{order_id} (opens new window) Modifies the order with the provided order_id.

Orders can only be modified before placing the order.

❗️ Before placing an order you should double check all aspects of your order like the attached line items, deliveries and prices. All of these entities are subject to automatic changes (e.g. if the Supplier in the meanwhile modified the product attributes or prices)

# Example: Placing an order

The following request will place the order with the id: 70f2c1f7-f7c6-4beb-ace9-b446d814d9b3

# Request

PATCH /orders/70f2c1f7-f7c6-4beb-ace9-b446d814d9b3

  "order": {
    "state_event": "place"

# What happens after placing the order?

After you have placed the order, we will submit the order to the supplier. In case the transmission of the order will be successful the order will move into the transferred state, which indicates that the Supplier has successfully received the order. In case we can't transmit the order to the supplier, the order status will change to transfer_failed and you will see an error within the state_reason field of the order.

Once the supplier confirms the order it will move into the confirmed state.

We will always send Notifications via the Loom event system for any of the aforementioned changes. Learn here how to always be updated when your order gets modified: Tracking Order Changes