# Ordering

The following section will guide you through the whole process of ordering and how to properly work with orders within Procurement.

# Introduction

This part of the guideline will introduce you to the general concepts of ordering within Procurement. Within this section you will learn about:

  • Order structure and composition
  • Order attributes
  • Order states and state transitions

Read about the general concepts here: Ordering Introduction

# Creating Orders

Learn how to create and modify orders here: Creating Orders

# Adding products to an order

Learn how to add, modify and delete OrderLineItems here: Managing Order Line Items

# Managing Deliveries

Learn how to add, modify and delete Deliveries and DeliveryLineItems here: Managing Deliveries

# Placing Orders

Learn here how to place (submit) an order once it's ready: Placing Orders

# Canceling Orders

Learn here how you can cancel orders: Canceling Orders

# Tracking Order Changes

Learn here how you can stay up to date on the status of your orders: Tracking Order Changes