# Introduction to Procurement

Welcome to the introduction to consumers of the Procurement Application. This guide is meant to give you an overview over the functionalities and core principles of this app.

# What is Procurement?

Procurement provides an API and intuitive user interface that allows buyers (Consumers) to manage all purchasing process related operations in one central place.

As a consumer, procurement enables you to:

  • Find and connect to your favourite suppliers on the platform
  • Browse product catalogs of your suppliers
  • Create purchase orders and transmit them to you suppliers
  • Track the status of your orders including all your inbound deliveries
  • Receive invoices related to every order issues within Procurement

# Procurement Parts

Procurement’s data model is built upon four distinct logical topics in order to facilitate an easy procurement process for Buyers (Consumers), that will be briefly introduced here, and detailed further in their respective sections within the guide.

# Contract Management

This part covers everything related to managing business relationships, we call these Contracts. A Contract is a two-sided agreement to trade goods using the Procurement application between a buying and a selling company. It needs to be requested via a ContractRequest. Once established the Supplier can grant access to their product catalogs to the respective Consumer.

Learn more about how the Contract Management works.

# Product Catalogs

This part covers everything related to product catalogs, we call these SalesGroups. It provides an interface and data model to browse product related data such as specific attributes, packaging units, prices, product catalogs and product catalog prices.

Learn more about how Product Catalogs work.

# Order Management

This part covers everything related to orders and their respective deliveries. This includes how an order is created, how deliveries related to an order are managed, how the procurements order state machine works and how an order will be able to transition throughout the states.

Learn more about how Orders and Deliveries work.

# Invoices

This part covers how invoices within procurement are working. This includes how they can be accessed.

Please note that the Procurement’s invoice system if for informational purposes only and is not intended to replace the regular invoicing and payment process between Suppliers and Consumers.

Learn more about how Invoices work.