# Determine Prices

The following section will guide you through the process on how to determine the prices for products offered on the platform and how to best achieve the result you're looking for.

# About Procurement Pricing

Within Procurement there are two pricing types and it's important to understand the differences between those:

# Static Pricing

Here the Supplier imports prices into our system, so we're fully aware of these and their conditions. These prices can be easily queried using our price related endpoints.

# How to determine prices

Below we will describe different ways on how to determine prices. We highly encourage you to make use of LineItemSuggestions as that will yield the best and most accurate results

Learn here how to use LineItemSuggestions to determine the optimal prices independent of their pricing type: Pricing with LineItemSuggestions

In order to access prices, you can simply use the pricing endpoints as described here: Static Prices (opens new window)

❗️ Important Note
We do not recommend to use this method. Even more so the linked endpoints might be removed entirely in the future.

If you want to list prices for comparative reasons, please use the LineItemSuggestion Method described before. If you are worried about sending too many requests this way, this is absolutely acceptable for us in the bounds of the rate limitations and won't cause any performance issues.