# Finding suppliers

Exploring and sourcing available suppliers within Procurement can be easily accomplished using any of the two described methods below.

# Finding suppliers using the Procurement API

In order to list all available suppliers, you have to use the GET /suppliers (opens new window) endpoint. You can specify contracted as an additional parameter in order to filter out suppliers that you have either contracted already or those that you don't have a contract with yet.

Environment API Endpoint
sandbox https://procurement.sandbox.zaikio.com/consumers/api/v1/suppliers
production https://procurement.zaikio.com/consumers/api/v1/suppliers

# Example Request

GET /suppliers?contracted=false

# Example Response

    "id": "a362331b-e105-5ead-a691-e767ce70dd11",
    "automatically_accept_contract_requests": false,
    "brand_color": null,
    "cancelation_policy": "before_production",
    "display_name": "Smith Papers",
    "maximum_days_until_delivery": 15,
    "minimum_days_before_delivery": 1,
    "logo_url": null,
    "slug": "smith_papers",
    "supports_split_delivery": false,
    "created_at": "2021-02-04T12:37:45.065Z",
    "updated_at": "2021-02-04T12:37:45.065Z"
    "id": "1e6b940c-aacb-5f07-a143-b2615a7f7f29",
    "automatically_accept_contract_requests": false,
    "brand_color": null,
    "cancelation_policy": "before_production",
    "display_name": "Paper Mill Ltd.",
    "maximum_days_until_delivery": null,
    "minimum_days_before_delivery": null,
    "logo_url": null,
    "slug": "paper_mill",
    "supports_split_delivery": true,
    "created_at": "2021-02-04T12:37:45.065Z",
    "updated_at": "2021-02-04T12:37:45.065Z"

# Finding suppliers within the Procurement UI

You can also find all available suppliers to you by visiting the Procurement Website using the URLs below.

Environment URL
sandbox https://procurement.sandbox.zaikio.com/consumers/suppliers
production https://procurement.zaikio.com/consumers/suppliers

# Supplier data explained

In the supplier API response most fields are self explanatory, but there are two return values that we want to specifically make you aware of.

# auto_accepts_contract_requests

If the return value of this flag is true, that means that you will be automatically connected as soon as you send a ContractRequest.

If the return value of this flag is false, that means that the Supplier will first process your ContractRequest before accepting or declining it.

More information can be found here: Creating a contract request

# cancelation_policy

As the name already suggests, this value marks the cancelation_policy of the respective Supplier. Or in short it determines in which states of any given order you are still allowed to request cancelations. It can have the following values:

Value Explanation
always The supplier allows cancelation requests anytime before the order is completed.
never The supplier doesn't allow order cancelations.
before_production The supplier allows cancelation requests anytime before the order moves into the producing state.
before_shipment The supplier allows cancelation requests anytime before the order is shipped.

# maximum_days_until_delivery

This value shows the maximum amount of days that a consumer can schedule delivery dates in advance. A value of 30 for example indicates that the latest desired delivery date for an order can be today plus 30 days

# minimum_days_before_delivery

This value shows the minimum amount of days between placing of the order and delivery. This value can thus be used to calculate the earliest possible delivery date. If the value is null or 0 the requested delivery date can be today.