# Connecting Suppliers

Within Procurement, Buyers and Sellers need to establish a business relationship in order to being able to do business with each other. In order to do so they need to establish a Contract. Without a confirmed Contract consumers will not be able to see and browse a supplier's catalog or place an order.

In order to establish such a connection, you need to request a Contract via a ContractRequest which then needs to be accepted by the Supplier.

# Finding suppliers to connect to

The first step in connecting suppliers on the procurement platform is to figure out which suppliers are open to business.

There are two ways to achieve that:

  • Go to the Procurement Application and visit the supplier section
  • Use the Procurement API to programmatically get a list of all available suppliers

Read more on how to find suppliers here: Sourcing suppliers

# Creating and managing contract requests

Once you have found a potential supplier that you want to connect to, you have to request a contract with the supplier. Again this can be achieved either via the User Interface or the API.

In both cases you have to provide a contact person to the supplier in case there are any questions.

Read more on how to connect to a supplier here: Contract Requests

# Managing contracts

Once a ContractRequest has been accepted, a Contract will be automatically created between your organization and the supplier.

Read more about existing contracts here: Contracts