# Introduction to Procurement API guide

Welcome to the Procurement (consumers) application. The application provides an intuitive web interface for ordering products from a variety of suppliers, but we also offer these features as an API, allowing your customer to interact with Procurement from inside your software.

Please note, this guide is only applicable for the V2 API (schema).

After following this guide, your software will be able to help your customers:

We have built a small demo application showing each of these features, with some examples of how to present the data to the user:

# Zaikio app setup

Before we start writing any code, we will however need to first get permission to manage customer information in Procurement, and for that we'll need to register a Zaikio application and then install the app as an organization.

Once your application is created, you will need to ask users for permission to access Procurement on their behalf. Procurement offers the following OAuth scopes, which should be configured in your app on the Hub and in your OAuth configuration:

Scope Description
procurement_consumer.article_base.r Search for products
procurement_consumer.contracts.rw View or request connections with suppliers
procurement_consumer.material_requirements.rw Create and view material requirements
procurement_consumer.orders.rw Create and view orders and invoices

Once you've completed these steps and have authorised an organization, let's continue this guide by looking at finding & connecting suppliers.