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Procurement Connect

Procurement Connect for Suppliers


# Contract management

The Zaikio Procurement platform supports a feature called Contracts, which are explained in the Contract guides (opens new window). Procurement Connect adds a user interface which allows more complicated contract management.

The overall user experience is:

  1. User submits a contract request that needs approval
  2. A contract is created in Procurement
  3. You can then upload prices for that customer

Let's walk through each of these steps in turn.

# 1. Contract request

First, when a new customer requests to connect, we will send an email to a configured address of your choosing, which has a link for accepting or denying the request:

Example of the email we'll send to you

These requests can be securely managed in our web interface by any members of your Zaikio organization. You can accept the contract request and specify a customer number/currency, or you can optionally decline the request with more information:

Screenshot of the Contract Request screen

# 2. Contract is created

Once a contract request has been approved, we'll create a Contract between you and the customer. This Contract can be fully managed in our web interface - for example, setting a username/password for your system, or set an email address for the account manager.

Screenshot of the Contract screen

To be able to create prices for this Contract, by default we'll generate a single Sales Group for the customer, and all future prices will be inserted into that group. However, if you have more complex needs (for example, creating multiple distinct sales groups with different price configurations), we'll need to establish a way to fetch that information from your system to keep ours in sync.

# 3. Upload prices

You can then add prices for a customer to their sales group, either automatically or manually:

  • Automatically: when you next upload price files into our S3 bucket from your system
  • Manually: from the web interface, you can manually upload a pricelist and we'll detect the customer from it.

For more information, please check out the next guide, Articles & Prices.