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Procurement Connect

Procurement Connect for Suppliers


# Procurement Connect

Procurement Connect is a middleware application, developed by Zaikio, which sits between the Zaikio Procurement system and your Supplier system. Rather than building a complex integration with the Procurement APIs to manage articles, prices, orders, invoices & contracts, we will work closely with you to:

  • Extract article information from your system's proprietary formats
  • Integrate with your existing order management systems

In short, the goal of Procurement Connect is to drastically reduce the amount of time between initially deciding to supply items through Procurement, and successfully executing orders on the platform.

Below is a short demonstration video of the Procurement Connect system: creating a Zaikio account, importing data and managing orders (English language version coming soon):

The following chapters will walk through the different parts of the system:

  1. Articles & Prices
  2. Ordering