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Zaikio Core

Core services of Zaikio, including Hub API, Loom API and OAuth API

# Subscription Redirect Flow

Experimental ⚠️

In addition to purchasing the app through the app store, you as a software provider can place a link on your website so customers can install and subscribe to your software.

The flow covers registration, email confirmation, selection of an organisation, and selection of a plan, if applicable. When the subscription is successfully completed, customers will be taken back to your website. This works like Installing Organisations (opens new window).

The subscription flow works like a regular Redirect Flow (opens new window). You only need to change what scopes are passed to the URL. You can redirect the user to this URL:


When you pass the scope Org.subscription_create a subscription checkout flow will be automatically initialized. The created access token will include all desired scopes for organisations.

It is also possible to pre-select a plan for the user by passing the name of the plan: Org.subscription_create.my_plan

You can also pre-select the organisation if it is known: Org/a4cd0243-2575-4d3f-b143-4c85f959808d.subscription_create